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Piano Tuning & Servicing        About UsText Box: I have lived in the local area my whole life. My wife and I also raised our 4 children here. The home I live in now is just a few blocks away from the house in which I grew up. 
My interest in the piano began when I started taking piano lessons at the age of 7. My grandmother on my father’s side was a piano teacher, and she taught me herself. From the moment I touched the keys, I was hooked.
My first career choice was to be a professional musician, and in my younger days, I spent several years playing piano for a number of popular local bands. However, I found that being a musician was not for me, but I was still in love with the instrument, and I wanted to be involved in the piano service business.
After graduating high school, I started a 2 year course with Niles Bryant School of Piano Technology. Throughout the time I was playing piano professionally, I was building up a strong clientele for tuning and repairing pianos. Even though I was the new kid on the block, I received a lot of help and guidance from the local old timers. One even gave me a grand piano and an upright piano on which to practice my tuning and repairing.
At that point, I opened a piano store/repair shop on Stafford Rd. in Fall River, MA, where for many years I restored pianos for customers and for resale. Following this, I also had a piano store on Weir St. in Taunton, MA, for several years. Since closing the stores, I have concentrated on tuning and servicing pianos only at customers’ homes. I also tune pianos for local concerts, schools, churches, colleges, and many music teachers.
In order to hone my craft even further, through the years I have attended several conventions hosted by the Piano Technician’s Guild. One such trip even included a visit to the Mason & Hamlin Piano Factory in Haverhill, MA, which afforded me the opportunity to learn even more about the details of how this instrument is constructed and apply this knowledge to my work.  
Along the way, I have gained a vast knowledge about the intricacies of the instrument. I never cease to be interested in the piano, and I am still able to find new and exciting aspects about them.