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Piano Tuning & ServicingText Box: TUNING
Aural: My 35 plus years of experience, tuning pianos by ear assures the smoothest harmony between intervals, chord structures, and melodies. This is the age old, tried and true, tuning method.
Electronic: Along with my aural tuning, the incorporation of electronic tuning via computer software programs, helps to guarantee accuracy. It also allows for fast pitch corrections (pitch raise) when an instrument is out of tune more than the maximum allowable range. Pitch raises are included in the price of tuning. In noisy environments (e.g. schools, churches, clubs, studios, and rehearsals/lessons/events in nearby rooms), I can use the electronic tuning device exclusively, as it ignores ambient noise and listens to only the exact frequency of the note being tuned.

The mechanism that conveys the energy you impart to the key, into the sound that you want to express, as music. Whether you demand the dynamics and repetition of a concert artist or just need to make a few sticking keys functional, I will help you achieve that end.
I have worked on every brand and style of piano imaginable. I know what makes Steinways sound and feel the way they do, and why some pianos don't measure up to their full potential. I can bring your piano's performance up to its best possible level and tweak it to your playing styles and preferences.

While I no longer do restorations, I still do most any in-home repairs necessary to keep your piano in top condition. These repairs are done with the extensive knowledge gained from years of breaking down pianos to their smallest components and restoring them from the ground up. I also repair player pianos.
                 Dennis Breese